how do i delete and retore maps onto sat nav

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how do i delete and retore maps onto sat nav

cheers ray


  • xwintech
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    Enter recovery mode
    Connect it to the computer with MyDrive open.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @rayhopley

    If you are referring to the Start52 you had/have then you cannot delete any maps unless you have 2 or more on it. This is because the unit needs a map to start so the default is you cannot delete all maps. So unless you have got some more maps I assume you only have the Europe Map on it.

    If you you have more than one map then if you connect your unit to the PC with My Drive Connect running and go to My Content you should have an option to uninstall on each map. When you delete a map it should still show in My Content so you could reinstall it.