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Live Traffic not working on Truck Sat Nav 6200

Hi the last time this happened i had to call customer services they helped my back up all my routes that were saved on my truck sat nav and told me how to do a reset i think it was a full reset then told me how to restore all routes back on sat nav. I forgot how I done this and I rang tom tom customer services but they dont operate anymore more maybe due to the corona virus. I cant seem to remember how i did this. I have take off Wifi connection off my sat nav and now GPRS is showing connected but still not giving me Live traffic. I realized the speed camera update has expired but i dont need this so i never renewed it. My live Traffic expires in 3 weeks which I will renew in time but it should be working right now as im still valid under subscription. Can someone help me. I dont want to do a full reset and loose all my location and saved places on my sat nav just to get the live traffic. when i click on traffic it reads service unavailable.


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    is there a specific country where you notice this? I have seen reports for belgium
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    Hi @sweet4u2012

    Lets firstly see if @VikramK or @lampard can check the settings on the TT servers for your unit to see if you are set to get the traffic data. Look back tomorrow to see what they have to say.

    In the meantime if you go to the My Drive Website and log into the account you use on your unit can you see all the routes that you have on your device saved there along with your MyPlaces and and POI files that you may have added to the unit.

    All the Routes etc you can see there are in effect a backup and so when you do a factory reset after you have set the unit up again with Language, account details etc then they should be synchronised back onto the unit when it logs into your account. If you want to test that works when in My Drive create a test route , save it to My Routes , Click the button saying you want it to sync with your devices and then turn your unit on and it should appear in the My Routes folder on the Device.

    Now routes create on the GO6200 will not have been saved back to your account. For those if you have a map on your GO6200's internal memory can insert a card in the extra memory card and go to My Routes on the unit and select Share Tracks and the ones that are not in My Drive can be selected and saved to the extra memory card. Once on that you could import them into My Drive so they will sync in future or load hem back on the unit after the reset.

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