I'm trying to upload maps and another item to my TOMTOM Basic Is there a problem with the site ?

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It could be the signal here


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    Hi @Mousie05

    The Go Basic is designed to be updated without the use of a PC. When the unit is connected to your Wifi and it has logged into your My Drive account it will advise you if there any updates. You can see what the up dates are by going into Settings/ Updates and New Items. You the select the items one at a time and when you have finished do a Soft reset.

    If your Wifi is not good enough then you need a PC. You start your PC and get the My Drive Connect software running on it. You attach the Go Basic at which point you will get a screen saying Do it the easy way. When you see that screen then do nothing on the PC but use the menu options on the Go Basic to manage the updates. You only use the PC and the My Drive Connect software on it to give you access to the internet.

    You need to make sure that your Go Basic is logging into your My Drive account.

    If you need any more advice let us know.