Updates & new items - charging station - irritating!

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Hi: Is it possible, please, to turn the new items indicator ("!") off for charging stations? I have no need of it; as do the majority of drivers - but when it's showing one has to go into the 'new items' to check that there's something new OTHER than this, such as a map or speed camera update, which we all want.

If there's no way to turn the new items warning off for this particular new item, could TT address this? As I say, it's of no interest to the great majority of drivers and causes the minor irritation of needing to check for items that aren't new but are unwanted (this).


  • YamFazMan
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    Tap 4Dot (….) Menu
    Tap Settings
    Tap Appearance
    Tap Show Poi Lists on Map
    Scroll down to and Tap Charging Station
    Tap Hide.
    Tap Blue Arrow ( ^ ) Top right of the screen to exit….
    Stay Safe… ATB YFM
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    Hi @marcuspmstewart

    Further to @YamFazMan 's post if you want to totally stop receiving Updates then you have to contact Customer Support and ask then=m to sort the settings out.


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    Thank you both. YFM, that's something, but it doesn't (seem to) stop updates to charging stations showing as pending, which is what I was looking for. It's a shame one can't turn these off when most of us don't want them...