TomTom MyDrive - unable to log on

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Today I no longer seem to be able to log on to the TomTom MyDrive web planning app. It was working just fine yesterday. It looks like a problem I've seen before where the cookies get messed up. The first time you log in you get the login box and enter your credentials but you don't get logged in (account name does not appear and you cannot access your routes). If you then press the log-in button again a white box appears and then disappears. Normally clearing cookies for the site fixes this but not this time. If you clear cookies you just get back to square 1 i.e. you get the proper login box, you log in but don't get in then you are back to the white box if you try again.

I've tried this from different PC's and from an Android device. I've also tried this using Chrome, Edge, IE11 and Firefox. For all of these the symptoms are the same i.e. first time you get the logon box but don't get logged in, then it's just the white box until you clear cookies and start again.

Is anybody else seeing this??


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