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Hi, havent used my tom tom start 25 for a while as there seemed to be a problem with the GPS signal. I only realised this week that its actually a fault with the sat nav and needed updating. But when i log onto my drive it shows me the GPS quick fix but the tick is in grey and wouldnt let me tick it? I have tried updating all but it doesnt seem to be fixing the problem? The gps is ok when its plugged into my pc but of course, i need it in the car. Is there anything i can do?


  • lampard
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    Hi @Juliacox

    Welcome to the Community! I've made some changes on your account to offer you the new update for the QuickGPSfix, Disconnect your device fro the computer, empty the Downloads folder via the Settings, and click Save Settings. Start MyDriveConnect, reconnect the device, and check for updates to download it.

    Regards, lampard