Why have you changed the "at the roundabout, take the * exit" instruction until the very last minute

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I have been caught out and been in the wrong lane several times now with the TomTom Go mobile app. I rely on the spoken instructions rather than having to look at the screen all the time. especially when traffic is heavy. You used to give roundabout exit instructions nice and early and it is a real pain that you have changed it to last-second lane guidance. I have been caught out and been in the wrong lane because of this several times now. Please change it back to nice, early, spoken instructions of which exit I need from the roundabout, even if I have a junction or two to go before I reach the roundabout LIKE IT USED TO BE. This whole 'leave it until the last second' thing is causing stress and, potentially, last second lane changes. These are dangerous. Please change it back to what I fondly remember on my original TomTom device!


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    Hi @Eggsy

    Welcome to the Community & thank you for your feedback! I'll forward this to my product team as an improvement request.

    Regards, lampard