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for many years I have used firstly tomtom devices then tomtom on my iPhone. Having bought the app years ago was then told it was being withdrawn and being replaced with tomtom go that I would have access to for free for 3 years. When I went to use the app recently I couldn’t and had a screen telling me that I had to pay to use it. I am very disappointed, I bought the app thinking it would always be on my phone to use, you took it away and want me to pay every year to use it. I won’t be doing that, I will just use google maps FOR FREE ! and that will be the end of my association with tomtom. You have made a miscalculation that people will just be happy to pay pay pay. I don’t see tomtom lasting too much longer after this. Shame as it was quite a good product.


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    Hi @qqwertyuioop

    Welcome to the Community! We understand your frustration with our new subscription model. If you wish to use the Go Navigation App, please get in touch with our support and I'm sure they can offer you some compensation. You can either start a live chat or send them an email.

    Regards, lampard
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