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hi i have upgraded my Phone to a A71 and now it wont connect to my go 50 can anyone help


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    I have a new Rider 500 purchased 1 week ago. With both Samsung S10 + and Note 8+ the management of phone calls and voice commands does not work. When a call is received, the answer and reject buttons appear on the navigator, pressing them nothing happens, the two buttons disappear and the phone continues to ring. The voice command button on the navigator opens the phone's voice assistant only if the Mydrive application is open and with the phone display on, in all other conditions, pressing this button has no effect. I made many attempts but it never worked; seems to be a common problem. Do you have information on how to solve the problem or do I have to return the product to the seller?
    Thank you
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    Im having exactly the same problem with my 550, Sena SRl Neotec and Note 9... Cant seem to find a way round it... I thought I was upgrading from my old 400 when I got the 550... How wrong was I, its almost backward!