Why has TomTom billed me for an order I didn't make

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I just had a an email from PayPay and TomTom confirming an order for a speed camera subscription I did not make.

I made a single one off map update over 6 months, ago and just had a random payment taken for it. I did not agree to any subscription, nor authorise any payment.

There is also no way top remove any linked payment methods on the account.

I want this explained, refunded and my payment details removed from TomTom.

For any TomTom support staff, the order was 40xxxxxxxx60.

Refund this charge, remove ANY AND ALL payment details you have and explain fully.

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    Hi @DB3684

    This is a customer based forum. You will need to contact Tomtom Customer Support to sort your issue out.

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    Seems that TomTom are relying of section 4 of their T&Cs https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/legal/terms-and-conditions/
    TomTom may also offer you a trial subscription for a paid monthly or fixed subscription, without payment or at a reduced rate (a “Trial Subscription") from time to time and at TomTom’s sole discretion. TomTom has the right to determine the eligibility and revoke or modify the Trial Subscription terms and conditions at any time without prior notice and without liability to You or third parties, to the extent permitted by the applicable law.

    If you want to make use of the Trial Subscription, TomTom will require you to provide your preferred payment method. By providing such details, you agree that TomTom may automatically charge you for the paid subscription (either on a recurring monthly or fix basis) on the first day after the end of the trial subscription, You will be informed in advance about the applicable payment, billing cycle and any other relevant detail for such paid subscription. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR THE SUBSCRIPTION ONCE THE TRIAL PERIOD HAS ENDED, YOU MUST CANCEL THE APPLICABLE PAID SUBSCRIPTION BEFORE THE END OF THE TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION AS PER SECTION 4.3.
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    According to me that is not allowed in NL.
    Such a continuous unsolicited subscription.

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