How to plan route & use for towing caravan

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Hello, if anyone can help it would be great. I am using the tomtom go navigation app and i want to use this (with apple carplay in my vehicle) to tow a caravan. I believe i can go to mydrive to set the vehicle & trailer options and plan a route, this is not the easiest (or i am doing it wrong) i cannot get the route onto my app and then execute the journey. Has anyone any tips on this as i do not want to go down unsuitable roads & don't really want a standalone device if it can be avoided TIA


  • RicoK
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    As far as I know it is unfortunately still not possible to transfer routes from MyDrive to the app on iOS.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @kenrout

    The ability to transfer routes to the IOS app has never been possible. As Tomtom have made the facility available on the Android app, although not on the latest version of the map at the moment, I assume e this is a restriction by Apple.

    You could try setting up a route on MyDrive then see how the route differs on the App. Where it differs try adding waypoint on the App to get it to take it the same way as My Drive.