My street has disappeared?

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Hi guys, I've been using Tomtom Go on Andriod for years now and the old maps had me turning up a dirt track through locked gates for 2 miles instead of taking the correct road to get home. I reported this about a dozen times over the last 4 years to no avail. Now I've downloaded the new map and would you believe it, my street has disappeared completely and every route takes me through the forest track with locked gates. This new map is a complete joke. I have told them umpteen times that that route is impassable on the old system and now there is no way if informing them on the new mapping system as they've got rid of the reporting button (which they didn't bother to pay any heed to anyway).
TomTom, I've been with you for many many years but you are now officially absolutely useless. If you can't take me to the local shops how can I trust you to take me anywhere.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Beanoboy

    Sorry to hear about your experience. The option to 'Report a map error' is not yet available on the new GO Navigation app but you can always use the mapshare reporter to add the error report.

    Regards, lampard