Hi,Whats is going on with the app?

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Hi, I have updated the recent app at my Samsung S7(android 7.0) to the newest version. During installation, there were some issues like the problem with downloading a map of the UK, It downloaded only ferries and couldn't download anything else so I uninstalled the app. After downloading app from the store it keeps freezing at the loading screen. Now I have uploaded it and uninstalled multiple times I have loads of space at my phone, I been restarting phone during installations, etc. Before that update, it was working like a dream. I still got like half-year of subscription but cannot use is: X I have read some posts and hope the developer is going to fix it somehow.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Krystian_

    Hopefully @lampard will pick this up tomorrow. Look back then.

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    Hi @Krystian_

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about the delayed response! This is already under investigation but can you restart the phone and update the maps one by one to see if it crashes/freezes again?

    Regards, lampard
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    Just updated software but my current speed and the legal road speed no longer show. How do I turn them back on
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    New update not loading maps correctly, updated maps separately and rebooted phone several times still not working, any advice?
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Community!

    @DW1599 We are aware of incorrect speed limits in some areas. Upcoming map updates will improve the accuracy of the speed limits.

    @andyfeb Can you please elaborate on the issue with the maps you're having? Also, please mention the App version installed along with the Phone Model and Android version.

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    Local routes load but don't always advance to the destination.
    I liked the old app better.