Is it worth it buying a 2nd hand Spark Music for 60 euros only for the music option?

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I mean I have a Spark since around 4 years ago, very happy with it but now I'd like to have the option to use my bluetooth earphones without carrying my phone or another device. I've seen that the 4 gigas that the Spark Music has seem to be even more than what other new smartwatches offer but being an old model I'm afraid there are better options for a similar price.
Here, the cheapest one costs 200USD and has the same storage as the Music, so it seems that just going for a second hand Spark Music could a good option if I'm still happy with my Spark and don't need notifications or other more advanced options

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    Thanks for your answer. The thing is a don't need the battery to last more than 45 minutes with the light on and my old spark still can do so, so I was thinking than a second hand spark music would work fine and as I say, it seems its 4 gigas is more than what many or most new watches offer but if the spark music has dropouts and drains the battery I guess it won't be worth it