How to make a backup and restore a tom tom trucker 6000.

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Hi everyone, I have a tom tom trucker 6000 and the device works very slowly. For this reason I want to make a backup of the device and after that restore it. The problem is that tom tom home doesn't recognize the device and in tom tom my drive I can't see the option for make the backup and restore. Stay save.


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    Hi @Rakya

    The Tomtom Trucker 6000 works with the Tomtom My Drive Connect software not TomTom HOME.

    If the unit is not running normally then the best thing to to try first is to do a Soft Reset on the device. Here is a video showing what to do. A Soft Reset is a useful thing to after all updates as it sorts out the files on the unit.

    Regarding backing up the unit it does not work as the Old units which worked with TT Home did. If you go to the My Drive Website and log into your account it should have all your My Places saved there and any 3rd Party POI files you may have added and any Routes you have created in My Drive and saved before syncing it to the Go 6000 My Routes file.

    If you Tap Menu/Tap Settings/Tap System/ Tap About what is the amount of Free Memory listed there. If this is less than 400 mb this could be the reason it is running slow.

    There are other options but let see how you get on with the Soft Reset.

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    Further to Doug's post ....
    The MyDrive Web Route planner link is here...
    Make sure you are logged into MyDrive on the Trucker 6000....
    Here... Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Tomtom Services... Login with your Tomtom Account details

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM