How can I update my carminat? (its not a normal)

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Hi, a few days ago tomtom carminat suddenly has crashed while I was looking for something to learn how to use it. then I took off the sd card, plugged into my pc and updated it. Then came back to car, it worked. Morning, my brother said, it's not working again, It's looping in start up part.

Now, When I plug the card to my pc with oem card reader, pc crashes. I can't acces to the card, I tried to delete loopdir, to format(it was impossible, partition tool not work), tomtom home crashes when ı open the program while card plugged in.

How can I solve this problem, about to be crazy, please help me... :/

I download the update files but it don't write to the card. I tried another card(so card reader is working) how can I solve this problem??


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    It's impossible to add something on TTHome, or file manager from SDcard.
    I checked Write-protect lock(located side of the card.), it's off.

    What is the problem ?
  • VikramK
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    Hi @SINYOR

    Could you please try the steps I suggested on this comment

    Note: I have reactivated the map for your device.