TomTom Go Mobile - Roundabouts called Rotary

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I have just installed and was about to subscribe to TTG Mobile for Android but have immediately run into the most annoying bug with the UK voice Serena.

The instructions she gives for every roundabout refer to "Rotary" - e.g. take the second exit on Rotary. Looking at earlier posts this was supposed to have been fixed years ago.

Could someone please advise how to resolve this simple problem that makes a mockery of the voice instructions. Or do I save myself the subscription and use some other app?

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    I haven't used the Tomtom Go Mobile App for Android
    But Maybe....
    I see you haven't stated your Country in your profile ???
    In the setup were you asked for your language ??? And did you enter United States (English) ??? The Serena voice is a TTS (Text to Speak) Computer voice, which converts the written word to speech so if you selected the Language 'United States (English)' then Serena will read the US text and say the US 'Rotary' instead of the UK text to say 'Roundabout'

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    You are free to use other apps, if the "rotary" is too much for you.