Traffic & Safety Camera not working

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I have an "Unlimited Navigation" subscription for TomTom Go for Android. Traffic & Safety Camera does not work for the past few months.

I tried installing the same app on my wife phone, and there it works fine.
I also tried to "clear storage" and "clear cache" so I had to download the maps again. This didn't solve the issue.

Android version: 9 (December 1, 2019)
Go version: 1.18.1

The MyDrive app is working fine. This is showing Traffic and syncs My Places perfectly with the Go app. So Traffic & Safety Camera looks like the only thing that doesn't work.

What can I try to solve this issue?


  • lampard
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    Hi @maarten03

    Welcome to the Community! Can you check if the services are working when you connect to WiFi? Please try the following to restore services:

    -Reset the app (Main Menu>Settings> System> Reset App)
    -Toggle Traffic & Speed camera services OFF, Log out of your TomTom account (From Main Menu>TomTom Services)
    -Quit the app & Restart your phone.
    -Open the app again and toggle the services back ON and log back in (From Main Menu>TomTom Services)

    Let us know how it goes!

    Regards, lampard
  • maarten03
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    I found the solution!

    If the colours on this webpage look the same, you're probably facing the same error:
    The problem was that my provider (KPN NL) supports IPv6, but not completely. The DNS support is in place, but no public IPv6 IP.

    So, I installed the tool DNS66 to override the DNS. This enforces IPv4 DNS. Also disabled IPv6 in the first tab. And I changed the APN settings to only use IPv4.

    Apparently, TomTom Go checks the IPv6 support incorrectly.
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    Thank you very much @maarten03 for posting a solution.

    Since the last TomTom Go Android update in October 2019 I was not able to use traffic updates. Somehow I knew it had something to do with my provider (also KPN NL). During visits to the UK, Austria and the USA traffic updates worked fine. Contacted TomTom support but no avail.

    Finally I'm able to use TomTom Go again. Although I only had to switch the APN settings to use IPv4 (no DNS66) and everything works again like it did before.

    I'm disappointed by the lack of proper support from TomTom because it's clearly an issue introduced since the last update and more customers experiencing this behavior.
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    thnx guys for me the same with KPN, IP6 is not working other run ok with KPN but TomTom Go not.
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    Hi lampard, tried your reset app etc instructions, but live traffic still not working. The app shows traffic if I set a route at home, but once I start driving, no more live traffic, which is puzzling. No difference at home if WiFi on or off - each shows live traffic. But the live traffic disappears when I actually drive. Android 10, Pixel 3XL, app 1.18.1
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    OK, I've uninstalled the app and deleted the relevant files to ensure a 'full delete', following instructions elsewhere on this forum. Reinstalled the app, had to download my map again, logged in etc, all good.

    But....still, live traffic disappears a few minutes into a journey (get the car and X symbol top right) regardless of if I set off from a location with or without WiFi. very frustrating and rendering the app essentially useless
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    Hi @SinglePointSafety

    Hopefully @lampard can give some advice.. Look back here later.