Why is it so hard to report a map error?

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While driving and using TomTom go on my iOS device often I see things that are not right. (for example right turn, speed limits, dead end etc).

Why does TomTom make it so hard to report this errors. I have to go with my computer to online MapShare Reporter, login, search for the road etc. This takes me about 5 minutes! Why? Who is gonna do this for free? They not even offer you some kind of value for this(let's say a free month of use if you report 10 things).

It should be way easier to report things within the TomTom Go app or a separate app from TomTom. Who thinks this is a hassle and well?



  • ICMcD
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    I've just reported a 50 metre section of road that's missing from the Tomtom Go Navigation app on my iPhone, but which actually exists. The error means an unnecessary diversion of many kilometres. I'll be interested to see how long it takes them to remedy the mistake.
  • Policyfool
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    I am so very disappointed with the number of errors in TomTom maps. A couple of years ago, a 'new' 20mph zone was established near my home and a mini-roundabout was removed. These are not on the present maps. On 16th March I took the trouble to walk around the zone, taking photos of the speed signs at the 5 junctions and the non-existent mini-roundabout. It is now July and TomTom have still not issued corrected maps although, checking today, I notice that the mini-roundabout correction is marked up as having been 'accepted', whatever that might mean in practice..
    I did not think, when I bought a new TomTom with lifetime maps that these would have so many errors. Even less did I think that map correction, apparently, would depend so much on users reporting errors themselves. Then to find, having made the effort, as an unpaid, unrewarded customer to report map errors TomTom would take over three month to process these is poor customer relations, to say the least and is hardly likely to encourage me to report map errors in the future.
  • Policyfool
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    27July19 and still no answer; still none of my map corrections of 16th March 19 have appeared in an update. Why is this?
  • DaveO56
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    In my various attempts to correct problems with the map in the TomTom GO iOS app, I have often found that the maps on MapShare and MyDrive are actually correct and that, despite installing the latest updates, it is only the map in the app that is at fault.
    I also find that it seems to take several months for corrections to appear after reporting problems.