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Hi have seen my battery drains when active holder is plugged in it take 5-6mA so something is wrong with it. The unit is not connected but still the active holder drains current. Possible to have new sent on warranty? I hoped tom-tom has better quality and this. This will otherwise damage my new battery fast and now I know why my old battery only worked good for one season 😟
I guess other also have seen this issue ?


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    Hi @fredde76

    Please get in touch with our customer service. They should be able to assist you with booking the replacement.

    Regards, Vikram
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    Welcome to the site....
    I assume you have the Rider 450 Mount either connected directly to the Motorcycle battery
    To a connection somewhere on the wiring harness that is NOT switched through the Ignition switch (Always Live) ???

    The Rider Mount like all power adapters, it uses some power even when it's NOT connected to an accessory.... If Rider 450 Head Unit is NOT Connected... The Mount is in effect idling, there will be power being used and + 5V supplied to the pins on the mount... Although it only a small amount of current being used, it will eventually run the battery flat...

    My Rider 550 is connected directly to the 12 Volt Battery Via
    A short fly lead to a Car Power Socket under the seat

    And an in-line 12 volt Car Power plug, fused 1Amp. and the Tomtom supplied lead

    I always disconnect the plug after a Ride-out....

    You could connect the Rider Mount to a part of the wiring harness that is switched ON with the ignition switch....

    Most modern Motorcycle use the CAN bus wiring system and have a dedicated Accessory connection socket/connection point
    Warning... Connecting directly into a CAB bus wiring system can/will give strange and unexpected electrical problems elsewhere in the 'CAN bus system'

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM