Speed Camera updates doesn't work after reset...

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I own a TomTom Go 520 which has worked perfectly for 3 years. After a reset, it only warns me of a few speed cameras. The warnings have worked flawlessly during the years before the reset. But now I do only receive a warning for 1 out of 30 cameras that I pass by.

I have a lifetime subscription for speed camera updates.

I have done 3 factory resets to try to solve the problem. And I have tried different versions of the maps that are valid in my area (scandinavia/west europe/ europe).
Nothing has helped this far.

I have a fully functional connection between the GPS and my WiFi, and I have no problem downloading maps.
I do receive SMS and other messages originated on my bluetooth connected Android phone on the GPS when driving. And the MyDrive app on the phone is version 2.7.0

The program version on the GPS is:
19.201.0010.411 (27-09-2019)

Can anyone please help me, or give a clue to what I can test as a next step?


  • VikramK
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    Hi @togus64_sweden

    Welcome to the community!
    As the factory reset has already been tried, I would recommend reporting this to our customer service team.
    They should be able to advise further actions.

    Regards, Vikram