GO 5000 keeps rebooting

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My GO 5000 got the same problem the other day.
It started to reboot over and over, when I switvhed off "current route" as I reached Berlin.
I suspected, that the device had problems reading the installed Europe map, when trying to place the GPS position.
There is a good youtube video from TomTom, that shows, how to make a factory reset - but to avoid that, I tried a wild shot::
I wrapped the device almost totally in kitchen tinfoil, so that no GPS signal could reach the device.
It could then start normally - without rebooting, and showed my home address in Denmark.
Still covered i tin foil I connected the device to my laptop and using MyDrive Connect downloaded another Europe card (without Buildings in Germany) and installed it.
After that it worked OK again.
It has only "forgotten" my newly used destinations, but that is a minor problem.
Maybe the problem had to do with the micro SD card, I use, but now I know a way out.


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    Hi @Larsbolgann

    It could also be that a Soft Reset may have solved the issue. ie with the unit on Press and Hold the ON/OFF button for about 20 seconds plus until you hear the Drumroll sound then let the button go. The unit will restart with all its files tidied up. The Soft Reset is a good thing to do as a first option if you have a problem and also after you have done any updates. The Soft Reset does not delete any of your data etc.