Rider 550 buggy ?

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I have been driven crazy by random auto rotations and blinking black screens on my new rider 550 but the worst thing by far has been when it goes to sleep from loosing power on the bike mount and just won't wake up again, I have had to hold the power button down for ages to soft reset it every time I stop for fuel and Etc
I just read a post that locking the rotation will sort the black screen issue and i will try that tomorrow but another post said the if the brightness is raised to 35% or higher the device will wake up every time and to my disbelief it actually did solve the issue !
But that's too bright and I need it at a lower setting so does anybody know what the official fix for this software bug is ?
Prior to reading the 35% fix I had full and soft reset the unit multiple times and nothing helped.
Thanks .


  • kieron
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    Hi there Kris1980 -
    It has been noted elsewhere in the forum that having the Rider in its mount not quite raised vertical enough can confuse the device as to how it should display, therefore causing those random rotations and blank/frozen screens.
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    Wow....that makes sense!
  • Kris1980
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    I can live with locking the rotation but I am really wanting to find a fix that allows me to use the maps in night mode with the brightness set low.
    Does anybody know another work around that will allow operation with the brightness lower that 35% in night mode and still allow the device to wake up again from sleep mode without needing a soft reset ?
    This is a ridiculous bug that can't believe has not been patched already.
    Thanks again.