Speed camera update for GO50

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Hi, I have a Go50 which is now getting quite old but works perfectly. Despite not using it that much since I am now retired I keep it updated. I have just done so and noticed that my speed camera update was about to expire and adjacent there was an offer of a 3 month update for £1 that I accepted and paid for. However the expiry date has not changed and below I noticed some small print that this satnav is no longer going to receive updates.
It read..."TomTom has stopped selling services for this device. Your trusted device will still work perfectly but you will no longer be able to buy any new services."
So it looks like I have bought something that is not for my satnav and to be honest I am very confused as to what is really going on and I would be very grateful if somebody could kindly clarify this for me.
Many thanks, Nick


  • VikramK
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    Hi @claretfc

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    The GO 50 is still supported. The previous subscription for speed cameras was for Europe and the new subscription you ordered is for World Speed Cameras.
    When you have different subscriptions then they will overlap. I have asked the team to make some changes in the backend. Please do a soft reset and check again.

    Let the existing subscription finish first, before you order it next time.

    Regards, Vikram