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As I was trying to understand why the free kilometers are not offered anymore I found plenty of marketing copy stating that they are still available
and only this message explaining that they are not available anymore:

If you change completely how your app works it would be nice to communicate it to your customers.

I use the app rarely and I used to get a month of subscription when I needed it (because the free kilometers where never enough for me), but the fact that the app worked without a subscription allowed me to preload the maps I needed while I was on a good connection. To me the biggest advantage compared to mainstream online maps was to have offline maps and to preload them easily.

In conclusion... you removed important features, without communicating to your customers, without updating your marketing copy, and showing a staggering lack of professionalism.
When I pay a company for a premium service that is offered for free by many other companies, I expect superior features and great customer care, I don't expect features to be taken away without warning on a software update.

I wish you luck in converting people that navigate less than 80 kilometers per month into paying customers, personally I will be looking for alternatives.


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    Hi @eeeeee_

    The Apps referred to are 2 different App with the Latest Version ie Tomtom GO Navigation which also works with CarPlay and is replacing the GO Mobile App. What features are you saying have been removed that you are missing.