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I left you feedback months ago in Google Play after the app was updated but still no fix.
Unlike the old app, the AmiGO:
a) Keeps asking "is the cam still there?" even though I confirmed multiple times.
b) The pop-up window [ I always use the overlay mode] cannot be removed like in the old version by tapping. This is too bad because it prevents from tapping and controlling the app underneath. You can move the overlay but you cannot get rid of the camera pop up when you need to.


  • lampard
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    Hi @PavelT

    Thanks for leaving the feedback on Google Play. Is it only happening for the warning like "is the cam still there?" or other ones for traffic information like ? Can you please check if you disabled the Setting for traffic warnings (as shown in the picture)?

    The option turns off traffic information in both Fullscreen and Overlay mode.

    Best, lampard