your update puttet me back

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Good morning,
last week I did the update of my TomTom Start 50, sold almost 4 years ago, with the complete update of the maps of Europe to Vita, but I was forced to choose a smaller map due to low memory. I wonder, but when you produce a device, you cannot foresee a larger memory capable of containing your updates that seem bigger than the actual improvements you say to update ?? and in any case he has not updated the traits that I frequent, with the average speed control that I normally find on Waze. Unfortunately, this made me understand that you don't really care about the peace of mind of your customers, but only the money of your customers.
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    Hi @Patruno3_

    Start 50 devices have been sold with either 4gb or 8 gb of internal memory which at the time they were first offered to the market was easily capable of taking the maps. Since then some significant additions have been made to the maps to provide detail for some countries that were not offered with 100% coverage. This has resulted in the full European map for example now being in excess of 9gb wiith all this extra detail and Poi information as well..

    Your device has the facility to add an extra memory card providing up to 32GB of more memory which will have the added benefit if you have the European map on the extra memory of freeing up the internal memory which can be beneficial for the performance if the device..