Cant access the app on my other iphone - says no subscriptions when i add email and password

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Hi My 3 year TomTom Go account recently ended so purchased a year via app store. However I'm unable to log into it from my other phone, as it says no active subscriptions when i type in my email address and password. It works on one but not the other which may not be the one i take out with me. Why is this happening. It used to work on both fine, until a week or so ago.


  • lampard
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    Hi @Val6627

    Welcome to the Community! For now, Subscriptions cannot be shared under Family Sharing:

    Apple recently announced that App Store subscriptions (like GO Navigation subscriptions) can be shared in Family Sharing groups with iOS 14. We wanted to let you know that we plan to implement this functionality as soon as iOS 14 is available. For more information please visit

    Regards, lampard