Download a smaller map to overcome "No Maps Available" to format a new SD card

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A recent Map update failed and I followed the steps outlined in a previous Case 190813-003990 to restore

I have reset my G0 50 Navigation Device as per RESETTING YOUR NAVIGATION DEVICE

The steps worked but my G0 50 device does not recognise my new memory card. I tried to format the old SD card (FAT32) but it will not overwrite. I assume the SD card is corrupt. A new fully formated (FAT32) installed in to my device is also not recognised.

Other posts indicate I need a smaller map (current Map Europe v10.50 9036MB) to overcome "No Maps Available" to format a new SD card and gain access Main Menu > Settings > System My account allows for free maps but does not give a retro step to MAP OF UNITED KINGDOM & REPUBLIC OF IRELAND

Is there a workaround or will I need to consult the Coronavirus TomTom Support on Monday using United Kingdom "Chat" "Email" Monday - Friday: 09.00 AM - 05.30 PM BST; Saturday - Sunday: Closed