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By accident I just discovered that the way to make a new posting is to click on "Ask a Question". At the risk of suggesting the obvious, this is broken by design.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @NHA

    Sorry, but I failed to understand the question here. What is the problem with starting a new topic using the 'Ask a question' button?

    Could you please elaborate on what part of creating a topic is broken?

    Thanks, Vikram

  • NHA
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    It's simply not intuitively obvious that, in order to post a new topic, I have to hit the drop-down labeled "Ask a question". It's functionally correct, just not as obvious as it could be. If it weren't so dang expensive, you could have one obvious button for each function, instead of a confusing drop-down for both. Or you could change the drop-down into something which looks more like a menu than a function.