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Hello ! I have tried to update my carminat on my renault megane , so i bough a france update and install it . Doesn’t work and the car don’t want to load it with a message « can’t use this map on this device » so i bough an europe map and same problem . I spent 120€ and nothing works anymore !!! Can i refund france map and have some help to fix this bug ? Thanks for your help .

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    Hi @Sebastien13118

    Welcome to the community!
    The map of Europe is still active so reinstalling the map should help resolve the issue-

    Try the following-

    ----Remove the map to be downloaded again from your device
    From the main menu of TomTom HOME, click on Manage my device.
    If there are maps in the Maps folder, click the checkbox to select the map you wish to download again.
    Click Remove items from the device.
    When the map has been successfully removed, click Done.

    ----Reinstall TomTom HOME

    ----Install Map

    ----Refund Request

    I would suggest that you discuss this with our customer service team.