Newbie! :) Questions regarding my new 6200 device (see body)

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1. Is the lifetime traffic and speed camera subscriptions limited to 7 years? MyDrive app states this.
2. I've updated my device but it is only showing Europe maps installed when it should have Worldwide maps?
3. Internal storage is only showing 3.7GB (out of 16 GB) free despite having nothing but the latest updates installed. Does the preinstalled software use up that much of the memory from new?


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    Hi @Sonic7

    Lifetime Updates are not limited to a specific time. Some who had such a time constraint shown have passed their dates and are still going. The facility will still continue as long as the device is supported which some in current in use is over 10 years. and still going.

    The devices when sold are supplied with the main map for the Region it was purchased in. In your case being in the UK it is Europe however if you go to Settings/Maps/ Add a map you should be given regions, other than Europe as that map is already on the device. If you click on the regions you can see what maps are available to you to download free of charge to your device. If you are not offered this list of maps then please advise as we then need to get one of the Mods here to review your units settings on the TT servers so that the maps are made available to you.

    Regarding the available free memory the total internal storage on your unit is 16gb and the current full Europe map is nearly 10gb in size so with the operating software being circa 2 gb + then the figure you see is as expected. Should you want to add maps and there is insufficient spare memory then you can add a Micro SD Class 10 memory card either 16gb or Maximum 32 gb is recommended. I would also suggest you get a Sandisk, Samsung or similar major manufacturers card as some of the lesser known ones have had the odd issue on TT units. Be aware that you should try to ensure that there is a minimum of 400mb of free memory as the device use that for operational purposes.

    One tip I would give you is to add a small second map which will fit on your internal memory so that you always seek to have a minimum of 2 maps on the unit. I would suggest you go to Add a Map and add Venezuela or Iraq as they are only about 30mb. Leave the map tucked away on the device as should you have a problem during the update of you Europe map and lose it the presence of the little map means you device works normally and it is easier to reload the lost map. Also when updating always do one update at a time and do a Soft Reset when they are all finished.

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    Many thanks for your reply Doug. Much appreciated.

    I'll do as you suggest and get back go you if I have any problems.

    Thanks again.