Should I use "Mazda Update Toolbox" or "TomTom Home" to update my Maxda NB1'?

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I have a Mac with OS X 10.15. I have spent 2 hours trying to get the update to SD Card to complete properly, but with no luck. How do I make this work? I have paid for the latest US/Canada map (order # 409xxxx69), I have managed to get TomTom Home to update the SD card for POIs and other "generic" and "free" content, but I can't get Mazda Update Toolbox" to recognize the SD Card, nor can I get TomTom Home to do an update of the purchased maps. How do I proceed?

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    Good. I have the browser integrated in a RENAULT car, which I update by card. I have bought a map update and tried to install it. the process has hung up and I have canceled, but it gave me an "updated" message. Does anyone know how I can check if the update has been installed?
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