Non activation of subscribed services

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How long does it take for live service subscriptions to become active on the Sat Nav? In my mind it should be almost instantaneous in this day and age. What is the hold up?? As a professional driver I need this information as it makes the difference to me getting home for the night or having to sleep in the truck. I am fully appreciative of the impact of Covid-19 but surely the activation is something that can be done by a staff member working from home. I do truly believe that some companies are hiding behind Covid-19 and using it as an excuse for appalling customer service. I have subscribed to one years Traffic and Speed Cameras on order number 409762059 and all I can see at the moment is GPRS Disconnected. I am paying hard earned money for a service that is not being delivered, and I cannot get in touch with Tomtom direct. My one years subscription is being used up without me getting what I have paid for. Are Tomtom going to extend my subscription to cover the days I have not been supplied??