Why does my device refuse to take me on a road that has no restrictions and is the quickest route?

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My 6250 Professional refuses to take me across the A75 in Scotland. This is the main route from my workplace to England that I deliver to every day. There are no restrictions on the road and it appears that it is only a tiny section of the road that it does not want to go over. When I first got my device it worked absolutely fine without any issues but then it suddenly decided it would not use the route I require. I have factory reset it twice but it is still the same. My device is up to date. Has anyone experienced this on their device and if so how did you resolve it?. Thanks.


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    in Italy it is the same thing, I have reported it several times but nothing changes, now I have started using Google Maps because my GO 5200 makes me take strange paths, I think it is the software.
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    Thanks. It is really annoying for me because I deliver chilled and frozen foods that come in and out of Ireland. I have to catch boats so my deliveries are time critical and I cannot give accurate times of arrival because my device won’t calculate the route I am taking as it constantly tries to send me back to the M6 or up to Glasgow which is miles and miles out of my way.
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    Hi @AndyVR46

    Try using Tomtom Mapshare t raise the matter with them. If you think you know where the section is that it does not want to use then include that detail in your report.

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    Thanks for the advice. I have just contacted Amazon where I got it from and they are going to replace my device as I have only had it a couple of months. Hopefully the new one won’t do the same fingers crossed.
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    @AndyVR46 (Valentino Rossi 46) ;)
    Using the MyDrive Web Route planner (Set to Truck Mode) it looks like the problem is only in the Truck mode....

    Is this the problem area ???

    Hi Zoom...

    For a temporary fix, If you add a Stop just past the diverted route the route....
    The device will calculate the route though the problem area in both directions


    The blue dotted line means that section of road does not comply with HGV regulations....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi @YamFazMan

    There was a recent NDS map update for MyDrive web and now when we tested this today we cannot reproduce the same routing detour.


    Could you please confirm?

    @AndyVR46 @Lepre

    I am not sure if this might have also changed something for the devices but if you could please test and confirm? (The device should be connected to TomTom Services)