GO 5200 TomTom Turns off and Turns on

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As TOMTOM cannot reach by chat, phone or email, here's my question: My Navi GO5200 turns off, despite "RESET" after a certain time of navigation and turns on again after 10 seconds. The device was brought to service and although the error was documented with video, but it was returned with the reason that the error cannot be traced. What can I do now?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Wolfgang108

    Are you using the originally supplied Charger unit in the cars Cig slot. Some 3rd party sockets do not provide enough power to the unit.

    If you remove the unit from the holder and plug the cable directly into the unit does it still act the same

  • Wolfgang108
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    Hi Doug, thank for promt reply! I'm using the orignal!

    Please note that this issue always happen one time and only in the first 5 Minutes of Navigation of a trip.
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    I am typing this as have a battery failure in a VIA52 and need it sorting. Given the support page send me here, anyone know how I get a warranty number so I can send it back for repair?