Why won't my Tomtom upload my latest activities to my computer?

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My watch connects okay to my computer in the sense that it tells me that it's preparing to sync, then it informs me that it's updating QuickGPS, followed by a message that it is Tidying Up and then it tells me that it is ready to go. Although I have an activity waiting to be uploaded it refuses to do that. I've reset the watch once already but it made no difference.


  • tfarabaugh
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    There is likely bad data in the activity so it will not upload,. You need to do a factory reset to clear the data (you will lose that activity). If you already did a reset there is no activity waiting to upload. are looking at the history, that is not an activity, that is just summary data, once it thinks it has successfully uploaded it clears the watch memory. Are you sure you are logging into the same account on the watch and the website? It could be uploading but you are looking at a different account.
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    Thanks for your reply. However, I did a factory reset and then did another activity so there was one waiting to upload. I've only got one account so I wasn't looking at another one. Any other ideas?