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I can't connect Traffic and MyDrive to my G0520

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the MyDrive app numerous times but this hasn't solved the problem. It might work once then won't connect again. This has been an issue for me for about 12mths or more.

I can connect by tethering my hotspot to the GO 520 but this uses data and I'm also taking my GO 520 abroad so this isn't an option.

I have two TomTom GO 520 connections on my iPhone XS showing connected.
On my GO 520 it shows the following:

Traffic - No internet
MyDrive - No internet
Bluetooth - Connected
Wi-Fi - Not Connected

MyDrive Version v2.10.1
iPhone XS

Anyone else having this issue and has anyone found a fix for it?




  • DougLap
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    Hi @AdrianGray

    This issue has arisen since Apple introduced IOS13.

    Forget trying to use the My Drive App until such time as there is a solution if that occurs.

    Forget the GO520 Bluetooth connections on your iPhone and TT unit turn them both Off/On then Turn on Personal Hotspot in Settings on your Iphone and then go to Bluetooth Settings and go through a normal Bluetooth Pairing process with the GO520. You will get the pairing number as usual but you will never be asked for the Hotspots password as it does not connect to the units Wifi.

    Now whenever you want to use the unit make sure both Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot are turned on in your iPhones Settings. Do not open the MyDrive App during the setup or when using the uni unless you need it to create a route etc.t. On the relevant devices whilst Traffic and Phone calls work messaging does not.