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I am hoping you may be able to help me. I have always used TomTom sat navs and currently have a GO 600 which I can pair with my iPhone 11S (running the latest software iOS 13.5.1).
I have also just taken delivery of a Kia Sportage which has a built in TomTom sat nav and has Connected Services which would allow the driver to have real time traffic information and Speed Camera alerts, providing you have activated Wi-Fi hotspots on your phone and have initially connected to a Wi-Fi network. My phone is paired with the car system – so far, so good.
So, I have done all that and when I am on the drive of my home and connected to my own network, I have the connected services. I can see the Speed Camera icon on the screen and enter a route. Then after a while I get a message to say, “No traffic info available” and the Speed Camera icon fades away, presumably because I am not near a Wi-Fi hotspot and have lost connection to the TomTom server. On the return journey back home, I cannot get any Connected Services at all.
Am I doing something wrong? I have followed the instructions in the Kia Car Nav booklet. Should I be using a USB cable to connect my phone to the car system and not Bluetooth? I had the same problem in my previous car (Kia Optima) and resorted to using my GO 600 on long journeys, especially abroad. Surely the real usefulness of a sat nav is to have traffic info to enable you to get an alternative route so that you can skirt round a problem.


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    Hi @colin1947

    Reading the above am I correct that you have linked your phones Personal Hotspot to the Kia's Wifi as you have also done with the Home Wifi. If so it would sound as though when you leave the Home Wifi range it is not then logging into your phones Hotspot. If that is the case then you could try forgetting the home Wifi on the Kia so it is only looking for the Phones Hotspot and then see what happens.

    Now re Bluetooth have you turned on the phones Personal Hotspot so it is on when you are pairing your Kia to the Phones Bluetooth.