TomTom Via 1500 GPS unable to search satellite

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Hi, My Via 1500 SatNav device in not able to search the satellite for GPS signals. Tried to reboot the device, factory reset and update through MyConnect Drive but nothing is working. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?


  • DougLap
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    Hi @akn2309

    Try the following.

    Charge the unit for 2 hours or attach it to a power source such as a power bank. Turn the unit on and when ready to use hold the ON.OFF button down for 20 seconds plus until you hear the Drumroll Sound then let the button go.

    The unit will restart and when it is ready use go outside well away from buildings and trees etc so you have a clear view of the sky all around. Now create a route on the unit and when it is set ready to use then place the unit down and leave for upto 30 minutes plus with a clear view of the sky. It has been found that if you place it on a Car Roof that it can find the signal quicker. Once it has found the satellites then it should find them quicker in future in the meantime make sure it is up to date at all times.