Map update failed. Now I have no maps on device. Device says ther is insufficient space to instal ma

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ps but I hace 32GB SD card installed which is not recognised by device.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @kalick4

    You do not say what Tomtom unit you have. Please advise.

    If you want to add a map to the 32gb card you have installed it must be formatted in the device to take maps. If you have no map on the unit so cannot get to the Settings menu etc then you will not be able to format it.

    This is a video that shows you what to try if it is not a Wifi device.

    If you only had one map on the unit and you were downloading an update and it is too big for the internal memory then you need a small map to help sort the problem out.

    Hopefully @VikramK will pick this up on Monday and if appropriate will add a small Map to your account which you can then add to the unit and will fit on the internal memory. When you have loaded this then you can Format the SD card, which please take out of the device now until you have got it working normally, and then you can load your main map. Leave the small map on the unit to help prevent getting into the No Maps Found situation if you have an issue at any time updating the main map.