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hello im in the north east and the map only shows traffic down to harrogate. is this normal? what if i plan a trip down to london and there is a block just before - will i only find out within 100 miles of it?


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    Hi @baron6a

    Traffic data is only provided to the unit for about 50 miles plus from your current position. So yes in the event of any traffic problem the unit will start to detect it some 50 Miles plus before you would reach it. The unit will then seek to offer you quicker routes if there are any as and when they are the best option..

    Last year I travelled back home on a 3 hour journey using mainly Motorway and A roads.. Some 1 hour plus before the time to my destination it added 29 minutes to the arrival time because of a big delay on the route (Dartford Tunnel Area so not unusual). I suspected where the delay was and had in mind which way I would go to avoid it. My TT continued to direct me along the original route without suggesting any change until I was about 10/15 minutes from the problem when it suggests a quicker route which reduced the 29 minute delay by 22 minutes. The route it suggested was the one I had in mind but it waits until you are near the delay firstly in case the delay should reduce or disappear and secondly to ensure the alternative is still the best option.

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    thanks. not such exciting news. I was once on way to london with major closures on the M1 near London. the way it sounds I would not have been warned until close by. I guess for the most part it is generally pretty helpful though