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Bizarre choice of route

I have a GO600 satnav set for fastest routes.

Why is it the last part of a route the satnav takes me round all the back lanes instead of direct as possible.?
For example, we travelled to The Big Cat sanctuary in Kent UK, all good until we came off the motorway, where instead of keeping to the main road as much as possible we were directed around all the back narrow lanes. I appreciate that where we're going to is in the countryside but there are main roads.

It was the same coming home, being directed all over the place down country lanes until we at last hooked up with the motorway. .

I would set the satnav to 'avoid unpaved roads' but goodness knows where I'd end up then.


  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 5,706
    Hi @marchend

    Where about are you starting from. Starting from the Medway area my unit directs me mainly by the M20 and 'A' class roads etc and indeed the way I would go if I was choosing.

    Quite a place that sanctuary.

  • marchendmarchend Posts: 132 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    Hi Doug

    I would be coming from Maldon in Essex via A12, M25, M20

    Yes, it's a wonderful place. Been there three times now.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 5,706
    Hi @marchand

    My PND and the Nav App on my phone both take me off the M20 at the services passed Leeds Castle and then down the A274 and turns off at the end of Headcorn along Smarden Lane which is the way I would go.

    I always select Avoid Unpaved Roads.

  • marchendmarchend Posts: 132 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    edited July 6
    Thanks Doug.

    Your route sounds different to mine although some of the names sound familiar. I think she took the right turn too soon for us.

    Turning on 'Avoid Unpaved Roads', how does that work? Does the satnav take you the most direct route then uses unpaved roads at the very last part of the route if required.
  • DougLapDougLap Posts: 5,706
    Hi @marchend

    Where I live there are a handful of unpaved roads ie not Concrete, Asphalt or similar recognised proper road surface covered. They are all adopted roads and if I lived along them then selecting Avoid would result in the unit saying No Route Possible. However by selecting Avoid I am not directed along them which I certainly would not want to be although in certain circumstances they could be a shortcut which I have seen as suggested routes on some Nav systems.

  • Lost_SoulLost_Soul Posts: 218 [Exalted Navigator]
    @DougLap @marchend

    I was intending going to the Big Cat Sanctuary last year (cancelled) and recalled that I had trouble programming the Sat Nav ( a Go Camper and Go Premium X) as both did not recognise the Big Cat Sanctuary as a POI....................

    But checking on MyDrive it is listed as a POI (strange leaf Icon - Agriculture? ) and when I zoomed in on the route I noticed that approx 200 yards away was listed the Wildlife Heritage Foundation and checking back on my Go Camper / Premium X this is listed as a Zoo POI. (The Big Cat Sanctuary is its more popular name)

    I have found other POI's that are correct on MyDrive but are not on my devices!

    So I am wondering if you programmed the correct location and that may explain the erroneous route your device took you?

    Although I have found with my time with Tomtom that the devices (designed for a car) delight in sending me down narrow one track roads that are not suitable for a car let alone a Motorhome, which was the reason I bought my Go Camper Device which sadly appears to have been a complete waste of money as it still sends me on obscure narrow routes or navigates a route with totally unnecessary extra mileage. :s
  • marchendmarchend Posts: 132 [Outstanding Wayfarer]
    edited July 7
    Hi Lost-Soul

    My GO600 took me to the correct address ok (TBCS) via the post code, but as you said it decided to take me all round the houses on the last part of the journey for whatever reason. It was the same for the first part of the return journey.

    We also had a blip coming home on the M20 when she wanted to take us off the M20 and back to Ashford for some strange reason. Fortunately we stayed in the right lane of the exit and slipped back onto the M20 for the dartford crossing.

    Try again for the Big Cat Sanctuary, it's well worth it. And if the budget will stretch to it do an overnight stay. Brilliant 👍
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