Connecting Carminat tomtom to PC not working

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I have a carminat tomtom built in my Renault. For many times I succesfully connected to my PC using a card reader and Tomtom HOME.
However, now when connect my SD card to my PC the HOME program loads and comes with a pop-up about an update. This proces takes forever and does not complete.
Then I tried to use the (new) Tomtom Mydrive program. After installation it tells me to connect my tomtom with USB... Obviously this is not possible for my built-in device. When I try to connect my card reader instead nothing happens. Mydrive does not seem to see my SD card...
I tried the Mydrive program on two different PC's, tried shutting down the virus scanner... Tried to reset the SD card by deleting the loopdir directory and reload in my car... Im stuck and there is no obvious reason it doen't work.

Please advice. Should my Carminat SD card indeed be connected with Mydrive? Or is there still a version of HOME i should use? Any suggestion how to get this done?

Best regards, Igor

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  • Igor_NL
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    I think it was 2.10 but I deleted it in the proces of trying...
    Also I tried downloading a new HOME version and found a dead link. Now with your answer I tried again and now I could install version 2.20 with no problem and everything works OK again...
    This link did it for me:
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Igor_NL

    Glad you are sorted. There are some major changes taking place on the website maybe you hit it at the wrong time.