I'm being charged for something I haven't ordered - HOW DO I GET TO TALK TO A REAL PERSON????

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Two days ago, I received an email from [email protected] The subject line was just a number, and the email was in French. It appeared to say that I was to be charged £9.99 for 'LIVE Serices WORLD - 1 Month'. As I hadn't ordered anything, and the email was in a foreign language and looked suspiciously like a phishing scam, I ignored it. Yesterday I did a routine check on my bank account - there was a transaction for £9.99 for TomTom, taken from my account by Visa. I haven't used my Satnav for over a year, and the last time I bought anything from TomTom was in April 2019 - a year's subscription for Europe - and I paid then by Visa. It seems that TomTom have retained my payment details and now I'm being charged for something I DID NOT ORDER and DO NOT WANT. There seems to be no way to talk to anyone to get this investigated and get my money back, and short of cancelling my Visa card so that TomTom can't take any more money from me without authorisation, there seems to be nothing I can do to stop this from happening again. I find it completely unacceptable that there seem to be no agents available to deal personally with what amounts to theft from my bank account. I've cancelled the subscription, but I want to know how and when the order was supposedly made, and how to go about having the money refunded to my bank account.

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