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How add different countrys to Europe map

SOSlandaSOSlanda Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
Hello, i am living in Netherlands and purchased Europe map. I belong to Spain and travel often there. But when installing Europe map in my Renault Megane carminat device (4Gb SD card) i can only select zones of Europe instead of countrys... i want to have on the SD netherlands, belgium, france and spain to make my travels but i don't know how... with tomtom home can only select europe west or central to have either spain or netherlands, but never both. Even if i could select both options: west+central...
Someone can tell me how i could do it? I paid Europe map and have enought space in the SD for 2-3 zones :(

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  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,278 Moderator
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    Hi @SOSlanda

    Welcome to the community!
    If you are having a difficult time getting the exact map zone for the places you wish to travel then I would advise that you use a memory card of a bigger memory size- 8GB (Class 10)

    That should allow you to install the full Europe map.

    More information on our FAQ

  • SOSlandaSOSlanda Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks for the answer but i am using a Carminat device in my Renault Megane car. And the maximun capacity for the SD card is 4Gb. That's why i didn't bought a bigger one and i am asking...

    So, no option to select desired countries in Europe map? Can only use the pre-selected zones given by TomTom? Pity...
  • Troubadix12Troubadix12 Posts: 1,966 [Revered Voyager]
    Hello SOSlanda,

    is it a Carminat (older Device) or is it a CarminatLive 2.0 (newer one) ?

    If it is the CarminatLive, it work with 64GB SDHC-Cards. I have had two Carminat Live in six years and have tested different SDHC-Cards from 8 to 64GB and from different manufacturer (SanDisk, Transcend, Medion, Samsung etc.) and they all work with my CarminatLive.

    If you want to try a bigger size, first of all make a full manually Backup of your original SD-Card with Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac). First close TomTomHome (even in the Taskbar (PC) or Dock (Mac) ) and stop the TomTom-Service via System-Control.

    If you use Windows-Explorer, change View-Options to show all Files, Folders and File-Extensions (even System and hidden too). Then make a full copy of the Content of the original SD-Card in a Folder of your Choice to your PC. It can take a while, because it has to copy 4GB.

    At this Time you can walk to your Renault and insert the new SD-Card into your Carminat. Close the Door and start Ignition. The Carminat starts up to the Point "No Map found" or "SD-Card is initiated/initialized" or similar. Now turn of Ignition and open the Car door. The Carminat turn off. Reject the SD-Card.

    !!!Always reject the SD-Cards safely!!!

    Back to PC/Mac ...

    Now, after the copy-job has finished, reject the original SD-Card from PC/MAC and insert the new one.
    Copy the whole content from the Backup to the new SD-Card. When the job has finished, start TomTom-Service again and start TomTomHome.
    Delete all Map-Zones via "Manage my Device" in TomTomHome-Menu.
    Download the full Europe Map to your new SD-Card. It can take a long time, because it must download up to 4,5GB and then copy it to the SD-Card. Wait until it has finished.

    Now walk back to the Renault and insert the new SD-Card and voila ... you can drive to all Countries in Europe ;)


  • SOSlandaSOSlanda Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    Thanks @Troubadix12. But none of you answered to my original question. You all give options or a "how to" copy the original map in a bigger SD card. But nobody answers me how to select individual countrys of Europe to add them to a custom map or modify the pre-selected zones of Europe. Based on my normal/old Carminat device and with the SD cap. of 4Gb given by the car manufacturer...

    In the future i will try with a 8Gb SD card if it's valid even if Renault says no.
    And for @VikramK i checked what you have said about the activated zone and it appears as Occidental Europe. In the drawing of the zone appears coloured Spain and Netherlands, thats good. But in the description only appears Netherlands in the country list, not Spain. So i am pending to check but not sure if is there...
  • Troubadix12Troubadix12 Posts: 1,966 [Revered Voyager]

    It is not possible for a User of TomTom-Products to select individual Country-Maps. TomTom Maps are composed by TomTom. Only if TomTom offered single Country Maps you can coose them. In the past they only composed different Zones. The Reason is, how TomTom collect the map-raw-material.


  • SOSlandaSOSlanda Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    @VikramK please, to your sentence "I have activated a different map cut for your device, please check for updates in TomTom HOME."
    Could you tell me what is supposed to appear for that map cut? What is the name of it?
    I cannot find anything different from before :anguished:
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,278 Moderator

    Map of Western Europe.

    Thanks, Vikram
  • SOSlandaSOSlanda Posts: 5 [Apprentice Seeker]
    @VikramK , thanks a lot! I saw it and test it. :3 On it appears both countries and the ones on between so i can travel from/to them. If i buy the "map updates" for incoming years this map will be updated too?
  • VikramKVikramK Posts: 10,278 Moderator
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    If you travel requirements are limited to countries included in Western Europe then you can just order - 'Western Europe Map Update Service'
    SOSlanda wrote: »
    If i buy the "map updates" for incoming years this map will be updated too?

    If your purchase is a map cut different from Western Europe then- no..

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