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When I made an update with MyDrive Connect, which took over an hour, I received an error message on the display.
Set on the display of my TOMTOM Start 52 it is shown that there are no cards and I should download them. The TomTom MyDrive Connect then shows that the TOMTOM Start 52 is up to date. Conclusion, I can not use the TOMTOM Start 52. I already regret buying this stupid TOMTOM Start 52.

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    It is easier to get in touch with the Pope than with the support of TOMTOM

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    The Forum Moderator @VikramK has commented on this problem....
    Case 2 Here...

    The device shows No maps found and MyDrive Connect displays your device is updated.
    The firmware has to read two files on your device to load the map.
    - Map
    - Map Certificate

    During the update process map installation fails but the certificate gets installed, MyDrive Connect will not offer the same map for download. The required map files are not installed on the device so it will continue to show the 'no maps' error.

    Over here you need to contact the customer service to get the certificate removed. They have the tools in the backend to create scripts that will remove the certificate.

    Once the certificate is removed the map will be offered as a download again in MyDrive Connect.

    As Niall says Contact Tomtom Support....

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