Brightness of the Tom Tom Rider 500 GPS.

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Good morning. I write from Italy. I would like to buy a Tom Tom Rider 500 navigator. I have a question to ask you. How bright is the GPS screen? I explain you. I recently bought another one: I avoid mentioning names / brands. It was a total disappointment. Dark, dark. With sunglasses impossible to read or see (better, interpret) the maps.
I kindly ask you to be as sincere as possible.
I await your kind reply.

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    The screen of my Rider 550 is in house less bright as my Smartphone. (Both at 100%)
    When I use both on my bike the Rider has clearly better visibility than my Smartphone. This is because the screen reflects less sunlight than my smartphone.

    Only when the sun in shining direct on the screen it can sometimes be hard to see.
    Positioning the Rider more vertical on the bike helps avoiding direct sunlight.

    The way TomTom display's the map on the screen also makes the screen easier to read than the other brands. Especially when displaying small roads,

    (The Rider 550 has the same Hardware as the Rider 500. The 550 has only more maps and motorcycle as an extra)