VIA-260 reported as VIA-1435

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I have a VIA -260 according to the original box the device came in. Using Myconnect software v4.1.9.4053 when I add my device it is added as "Model: VIA-1435" but shows on tomtom website as "VIA 130". The model code on device is "4EQ41 Z1230".

Is there a VIA 1435?

It is confusing to users to call it "VIA 130" or "VIA 260 / 280" ( I assume the latter is AU region version of GB region version) in different parts of TomTom web site and also call it VIA-1435 ?

When looking for compatibility with new accessories, in particular mounting devices which codes matter is a VIA-1435 the same size as a VIA-260?


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    Yes, in North America, the Via 260 is known as a 1435 model. Same hardware an software in both regions. Make sure the country flag is set to Oz when navigating the Tomtom site. Some screens on the site seem to revert to a default of other countries than my own and, therefore, the model names do change.
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    Thanks for the clarification.