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I have tried to change our Main Hospital and Accident and Emergency Department for the last 2 years.
A new hospital was built 3 miles away from our old one.
Anyone trying to get there in an emergency using Sat Nav will be taken to the old one.
No one at TOM TOM is listening.
The new hospital was built and opened in 2018! Come on Tom Tom.
Please advise



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    My GO Premium... Using search in a Town or City....


    Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Search
    Tap Whole Map Icon (Screen Top Right)
    Tap in a Town or City
    Type Dumf (Or as much of the word 'Dumfries' that’s required for the 'Dumfries' to appear at the top of the right-hand column)
    Tap the offered 'Dumfries'
    The Main search area turns blue
    Continue typing the name of required POI Category....
    Type 'Hos' or as much of the word 'Hospital/Clinic' that's required for the category 'Hospital/Clinic' list to appear in the right-hand column
    Tap the offered 'Hospital/Clinic'
    A list of Dumfries Hospitals & Clinics is shown in the Right Hand column
    Tap the offered Dumfries & Galloway Hospital
    Tap the ( Drive ) Icon

    After tapping the Keyboard Icon (Screen bottom right)
    There is a now dual Icon (screen bottom right) with Three Lines and Two circles


    (1)..... Tap the three Lines Icon (bottom right screen) and a list will appear of the Dumfries Hospitals & Clinics POI's in distance order as far as I'm aware it will show the nearest 60ish POI's around your location
    (2)...... Tap the Two circle Icon for the Dumfries Hospitals & Clinics POI's to appear on the Search Screen (Pinch zoom for detail)
    There is also a Keyboard Icon (screen bottom right) to return to the search window from the options (1) and (2)

    Stay Safe ATB YFM
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    Hi @Bobbrigside

    I have forwarded this to our Maps Team to be reviewed.

    Should we need some further information I will post back here.

    Thanks, Vikram